CEO: Jonathan Smiedt
Managing Director: Andrew Koch
Financial Director & HR: Marc Roberts
Sales Director: Farrell Perling
Auction Director: Mike Baigel
New Business Manager: Andrew Edelstein
Communications Manager: Roberto Quintas


The auction industry has shown a complete transformation over the past few years and the ClareMart Auction Group is proud to have had a substantial impact in that metamorphosis. ClareMart Auction House pioneered the multiple auction model in the 1980s, now conducting up to 80 individual property auctions.

ClareMart’s auction presentations are conducted with a multifaceted approach allowing interested parties countrywide to participate. The group has had increased market share over the last 24 months, ultimately entrenching a dominant position in the auction industry. The launch of the Platinum Property Multiple Auction in 2011 experienced great success in this sector despite global recessionary conditions. The company’s vision is to add value to its clients by the ethical uniting of seller and buyer through the auction mechanism. It further aims to satisfy both parties through the traditional auction process, while embracing the technology available in a modern business environment.

Integrity, service and expertise form the foundation on which ClareMart conducts its business. There is an increasing scope for growth in the industry, and the group looks forward to another successful year in 2014.



Year founded: 1976
Founding member: Jonathan Russell Smiedt
Employees: 56
Branches: 2
Head office: Cape Town
Branch: Southern Cape & National affiliates
Trade affiliations: Financial institutions, legal institutions, liquidators and executors,
various funds, the trusts and government motor vehicle department
Memberships: Estate Agency Affairs Board of South Africa, Proudly South African,
Cape Chamber of Commerce, South African Institute of Auctioneers (Founding Member),
South African Council of Valuers

Approximate market share: 60% market share in operating area
Current customer base: 8900 database of buyers and clients in the private sector, as well as legal and financial services.

Activity: Industry leader in the auction of immovable and movable property throughout South Africa
Services offered: Full complement of auction services including sale and marketing of property as well as professional evaluations and asset control and financial services

Superbrands South Africa Volume Four 2013, Top300 Company in the Western Cape, Top300 Black Economic Empowerment Company (Western Cape), No. 1 Top500 Company in Auction Sector

Training programmes: Extensive in-house training of staff to ensure actualization and increased ability to take advancements in responsibility within the Group
CSI initiative: Patron Pro-Bono Auctioneer to the Red Cross Children’s Hospital, The National Sea Rescue Institute, The Rotarian Clubs of the Western Cape, CANSA (in partnership with STBB), and Cape Peninsula School Feeding Scheme, Solstice Foundation, Rotary International, Pink Ribbon Trust, St Patricks Trust


1. CEO, Jonathan Russell Smiedt, is a founding member of The South African Institute of Auctioneers, and a Professional Valuer and Appraiser appointed by the Minister of Justice
2. ClareMart has been responsible for the disposal of repossessed motor vehicles for over 30 years
3. The group conducts over 1 000 property auctions in its area of focus each year, attended by more than 10 000 property investors.
4. The company was established in 1976

ClareMart Auction Group

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