CEO: R C Heron
CFO: M Loxley
Marketing and Exports Manager: B M Hobbs
Commercial Manager: J Barnard
Human Resources Manager: R Thompson
Manufacturing: M Villet
Logistics and Purchasing: D Patterson
IT: R Farquharson
Physical address: 135 Teakwood Road, Jacobs 4052
Postal address: PO Box 12004, Jacobs 4026
Telephone: +27 (0 )31 460 9711
Fax: +27 (0 )31 460 9800


Defy’s large market spread coupled with truly dependable after-sales service, elegant designs and a zest for innovation reinforces this appliance company’s brand positioning as the strongest in southern Africa. It is a true pioneer in appliance manufacture, having created South Africa’s first wood and coal stoves in 1922, the first electric stoves in 1932 as well as the country’s first gas stoves in 1955.

This dynamic company was also responsible for the development of the Thermofan oven, pioneering the manufacture of continuous clean and convection ovens, washing machines, tumble dryers and creating the most advanced fridge factory of its size in the world at the time.

With a continuous list of tremendous accomplishments and more than 200 lines– it’s no wonder Defy is currently the largest manufacturer and distributor of major domestic appliances in southern Africa. With three factories nationwide, Defy’s headquarters remains in Jacobs Durban where it began its proud legacy in the 19th century. Today Defy continues to maintain a class of inspiring aesthetics and steadfast reliabi-lity through every appliance produced.


Year founded: 1905
Founding members: John Skinner and Sir Benjamin Greenacre
Employees: 2 700
Branches: 8 branches, 2 agents, 4 distributors
Trade affiliations: Various
Memberships: Various

Turnover: >R2,8b – 2011
Financial year-end: 31 December
Approximate market share: The market leader (1st)
Subsidiaries: Defy Namibia, Defy Botswana
Holding company: Arçelik A.Ş. (Turkey)
Bank: Standard Bank
Accountants: Ernst & Young
Current customer base: Most SA furnishers and retailers

Training programmes: Industry artisan training, bursary and study assistance opportunities
Empowerment initiatives: Independent Service Contractors
CSI initiatives: Various local and domestic

Black Empowerment Level:
executive directors/senior management: 5%-25% / total staff: >50.1%

Gender Empowerment Level:
executive directors/senior management: 5%-25% / total staff: 25.1%-50%


1. Defy is Southern Africa’s largest manufacturer and distributor of major domestic appliances
2. The name Defy came into being during the 1920’s, and in 1932 the company manufactured the first electric stoves in South Africa
3. All factories have been accredited in terms of ISO 9001-2009
4. Defy has an annual turnover (2010) in excess of R2,5 billion
5. Has approximately 2,700 employees in South Africa

Defy Appliances (Pty) Ltd

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