The Protea Coin Group is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mvelaserve and the leading provider ofsecurity services to the South African Market. Since the merger of Coin Security Group and Protea Security Services in July 2007 the Protea Coin Group has grown from strength to strength, opening opportunities to extend operations as far afield as Nigeria and the UAE. The Protea Coin Group is a market leader in integrated risk reduction solutions with a broad spectrum of security services ranging from Cash-in-Transit to Close Protection services and more or less everything in between. The Protea Coin Group prides itself in its reputation for service excellence and attributes this to focused management, a skilled and trained workforce and thesynergies that exist within the business model. The Protea Coin Group has a national footprint which is unmatched in the security sector. In SouthAfrica the Security Sector is arguably the most competitive, but in line with the mission and vision statements of the company, the Protea Coin Group delivers a service that is priced, geared and determined to add value. Protea Coin takes security issues seriously and its clients know and understand that feeling safe and secure is an important and indispensable part of fulfilling basic human needs. Mission: To ensure that Protea Coin Group will continue to improve and sustain its value propositionand in so doing become the security provider of choice for the South African security services market as can potentially be expanded. Vision: To be the service provider of choice, be known and respected for our ability to always deliverexceptional customer value through service excellence. We shall become partner to our customers by creating a unique offering and delivery of integrated risk solutions, supported by a culture of enthusiastically devoted personnel.

Fast Facts

  1. Offer training and skills development initiatives
  2. Actively involved in various projects, from youth choirs to community centres and orphanages
  3. Wholly-owned subsidiary of Mvelaphanda Group
  4. 4 000 registered security service providing companies
  5. Offers and delivers integrated risk solutions including but not limited to physical, technical, Assets-in-Transit and cash solutions.


Year founded: Protea Security 1983, Coin Security Group 1979
Founding members: Protea Security by JMS Ferreira,Coin Security Group by JE Bishop
Employees: ±16 200
Branches: 136 national branch offices as well as various international offices, including UAE
Trade affiliations: Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA)

Turnover: >R1.5-billion
Financial year-end: 30 June
Market share: Manpower: 13%; Market: 9% – 10%
Subsidiaries: Coin Aviation, Coin Cameos, Protea Reaction Unit, Protea Aviation, Coin Cargo Protection, CoinAl Jaber, Coin International and Coin Risk Management
Holding company: Mvelaserve
Bank: Nedbank and First National Bank
Accountants: PKF Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors
Current customer base: 18 910
Key clients: Nedbank, Barloworld, ABSA, Harmony Gold Mining, South African Police Service, Impala Platinum, South African Revenue Service, Johannesburg Water, Alexcor, Transhex, First National Bank, Pick n Pay

Black Empowerment Level: shareholding: >50.1% / executive directors/seniormanagement: 25.1%-50% / total staff: >50.1%

Gender Empowerment Level: shareholding: 5%-25% / executive directors/seniormanagement: 25.1%-50% / total staff: 5%-25%

Protea Coin Group

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