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7 March 2018

Top500 Awards Countdown 2018









After eight years of showcasing SA’s titans of industry in prestige-format print, it was decided to start taking the very best of them from the page to the stage. The first annual Top 500 Awards took place on 8 March 2017. Winners included Mercedes-Benz, Discovery, Woolworths and Anglo American.

To identify finalists for these awards, Topco Media’s Research Unit divides the publication’s 100 sectors
into groups of related sectors, then compares the sector leaders within each group against each other, using 72 points of data weighing heavily towards growth and turnover.


Companies do not enter the Top 500 Awards – they qualify.

  • As with the publication they are borne out of, The Top 500 Awards designates qualifiers through a process of research and accreditation.
  • Every year, our full-time team of researchers measures around 10 000 companies against strict performance criteria, drawn up in conjunction with the Development Policy Research Unit at the University of Cape Town.
  • The results lead to Top 500 – South Africa’s Best Managed Companies; our respected annual publication showcasing SA’s top five companies across 100 sectors.
  • These 500 companies don’t have to do anything to qualify, except exhibit integrated performance notable enough to satisfy our research criteria.

So where do the Awards come in?

To take the best of the publication’s companies from the page to the stage, our research team takes the number one companies in each of the publication’s 100 sectors, measures them against a second round of even tougher points-based criteria, and settles on 60+ Finalists – who are then personally contacted, congratulated and invited to contest the awards at the annual Top 500 Awards ceremony.

Any South African company has a chance of going from being one of 10 000 companies researched for the publication, to becoming one of our esteemed Awards Finalists – if you’re a champion in your sector.

Watch your mailbox. Watch your phone. We will be in touch if you are a Top 500 Finalist!


2018 Awards Categories

Top 500 Best Managed Company in Resources

Coal, gold, platinum, metals & minerals, diamond mining, diversified mining and gas

Top 500 Best Managed Company in Basic Industries

Specialty chemicals, paint manufacturers, builders merchants, building & construction materials, construction groups, cement, forestry, steel and retail & commercial fuels

Top 500 Best Managed Company in General Industries

Aerospace & defence, diversified industrials, electrical equipment, electronic products, industrial products & equipment, heavy machinery, engineering groups, mining services, consulting engineers – mining & infrastructure

Top 500 Best Managed Company in Consumer Goods

Automobiles, automotive components, commercial vehicles, household appliances, beverages – breweries and soft drinks, distillers and vintners, agriculture, fishing, dairy, food processing, packaging, consumer electronics, personal products, beauty products

Top 500 Best Managed Company in Health

Pharmaceuticals, medical aid administrators, medical aid schemes, hospital management, long-term care

Top 500 Best Managed Company in Retail

Food retailers, sport apparel and goods, soft goods, furniture retailers, diversified retailers, direct response marketing, shopping malls

Top 500 Best Managed Company in Hospitality

Hotels & hotel chains, gaming & leisure resorts, exhibition & conference facilities, travel & tourism, restaurants & pubs holding companies

Top 500 Best Managed Company in Media

Media groups, Digital media and marketing houses, broadcasting contractors, advertising agencies, outdoor advertising, branding & design

Top 500 Best Managed Company in Business Support Services

Legal services, auction houses, recruitment groups, food services, facilities management, fleet management & vehicle tracking, business process outsourcing, BEE accreditation agencies, corporate security, private security, research companies, waste management, service delivery (SOC), hygiene services

Top 500 Best Managed Company in Financials

Banks, short-term insurance, specialised finance, life insurance, real estate holdings & development, investment holdings companies, asset management, investment services, accounting & consulting

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Top 500 Best Managed Company in Transport

Airlines, car hire, freight forwarding, courier services, road freight, shipping

Top 500 Best Managed Company in I.T.

Computer hardware, telecommunications solutions & equipment, office automation, I.T. component distributors, I.T. groups, internet service providers, wireless or fixed telecoms, business software solutions, business cloud solutions, artificial intelligence, fibre networks, fibre (ISP)

Top 500 Best Managed Company in South Africa

Bestowed upon one organisation from any of the above sectors, following a journey of research that drills down through 10 000 companies; then (The Top) 500, then 60-70 awards finalists. The ultimate accolade in South African business.









The Top 500 honours South Africa’s business elite

Why align your brand with the Top 500?

  • The Awards will bring together hundreds of blue-chip company CEOs, government officials, academic thought leaders and foreign investors under one roof, providing an unparalleled networking opportunity.
  • Top 500 is entrenched in the media landscape, meaning extensive brand exposure for your company, via both internal and external channels; before, during and after the Awards ceremony.
  • Multiple B2B touchpoints include a high engagement website that recorded nearly 400 000 pageviews from January to October 2016 and almost 25% return visitors (Google Analytics).
  • Strategically timed just into the new financial year, the Top 500 Awards will ensure your company top-of-mind awareness amongst other key decision makers driving South Africa’s economy.

What are the sponsorship opportunites?

  • Become the event’s sole Platinum Sponsor, securing co-ownership of the Awards, access to the full delegates database, a headline speaking slot, significant influence in the Awards’ planning, extensive brand exposure and a host of VIP advantages.
  • Become the event’s sole Gold Sponsor, securing a high-profile speaking slot, extensive brand exposure and a host of VIP advantages.
  • Position your company as a thought leader by become an Award Category Sponsor, sharing the stage with the winner of your sponsored Award;
  • Sponsor a branded VIP table upfront – or select a standard table for the Awards.


2017 Awards Event Timeline

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