AECI is a South African-based explosives and specialty chemicals company focused on providing products and services to a broad spectrum of customers in themining, manufacturing and agricultural sectors. It has regional and international businesses in Africa, South East Asia and Australia. Other markets of interest are in Latin America.
AECI was registered as a company in South Africa in 1924 and has been listed on the JSE since 1966.
Sandton, 806 8700

Company Focus

The focus is on domestic growth as well as ongoing expansion outside South Africa in the group’s chosen strategic areas of mining solutions, water solutions, agrochemicals, and food additives and ingredients. The proactive management of a portfolio of specialty chemicals businesses is the group’s fifth growth pillar.

Mining Solutions is led by AEL Mining Services (“AEL”) and Senmin, Water Solutions by ImproChem and Agrochemicals by Nulandis. Lake Foods and Southern Canned Products (“SCP”) constitute the Food Additives and Ingredients pillar.

The Group’s 2015 revenue split demonstrates the success of strategic execution in terms of these growth pillars.

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