Headquartered in Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng, ArcelorMittal South Africa is the largest steel producer on the African continent., with a production capacity, in a normal year, of 7 million tonnes of liquid steel  per annum , after taking into account various yield factors, amounts to approximately 5.5 million tonnes of saleable steel products. The company supplies over 60% of the steel used in South Africa and exports the rest to sub-Saharan Africa and elsewhere.

The company has a depth of technical and managerial expertise  that has been carefully nurtured since  its inception in 1928. ArcelorMittal  South Africa  is  well known for its reputation for reliability and a sharply defined business focus, which has forged the organisation into a modern, highly competitive supplier of steel products to the domestic and global markets.

This has been achieved through on-going alignment with international best practices and a comprehensive understanding of the steel business environment, ensuring the company’s continued global competitiveness and participation in international markets.

ArcelorMittal South Africa’s global standing is further underpinned as part of the world’s largest steel producer, the ArcelorMittal Group. The company is the world’s number one steel company  employing 232 000 employees worldwide.

ArcelorMittal is the leader in all major global markets, including automotive, construction, household appliances and packaging, with leading R&D and technology, as well as sizeable captive supplies of raw materials and outstanding distribution networks.

With an industrial presence in 60 countries across Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa, ArcelorMittal has a balanced geographic diversity within all the key steel markets, both in developing and developed countries.

Through this association, ArcelorMittal South Africa has access to world-class research and development, best practice processes, aggressive procurement contracts and international market leverage to ensure the company remains at the cutting edge of the international steel industry.

The company’s ability to generate profits and cash throughout the fluctuations of the steel cycle is testimony to the success of years of intensive business re-engineering and the cultivation of a continuous improvement culture that has embedded ArcelorMittal South Africa’s position among the world’s lowest cash cost producers of steel.

Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng016 889 9111http://southafrica.arcelormittal.com
Pretoria West012 380 2503http://southafrica.arcelormittal.com
Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal034 314 7911http://southafrica.arcelormittal.com
Saldanha, Western Cape022 709 4000http://southafrica.arcelormittal.com
Leeuwkuil, Vereeniging016 450 4125/4366http://southafrica.arcelormittal.com
Peacehaven, Vereeniging016 440 3000http://southafrica.arcelormittal.com
Durban031 274 3001http://southafrica.arcelormittal.com

Vision, mission, strategic objectives


To add value to all our stakeholders through our market leadership position in Sub-Saharan Africa by producing quality steel products safely, being an employer and supplier of choice, while striving to be among one of the lowest-cost steel producers in the world.



We aim to achieve our vision by:

• Protecting the health and safety of our employees
• Pursuing operational excellence in all business processes
• Producing innovative high-quality steel solutions for our customers on time
• Protecting our environment and caring for the communities in which we operate
• Being a fair employer as well as a career and skills developer
• Being a responsible corporate citizen

Strategic goals

• Creating a high performance culture
• Protecting the Health and Safety
• Driving profitability

Maintaining license to operate

ArcelorMittal Brand Values

• Safety- Creating a safe environment  for all to live and work in.
• Caring- Fostering  authentic  relationships and valuing everyone.
• Commitment- Solution-focused, delivering to our best.
• Customer satisfaction-Building long term win-win partnerships.

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