Babcock manages critically important assets that help to bring power to our homes and businesses, carry out work for infrastructure growth and enable the long haul collection and delivery of goods within Southern Africa.

Managing asset portfolios of this scale and complexity requires modern technical skills, a thorough knowledge of the operating environment and the flexibility to meet changing needs. Which is why, when selecting a service partner who can be trusted to deliver, Babcock is chosen again and again.

Our priority is to ensure that Babcock continues to be a strong, successful and sustainable business that will create long term value for our shareholders and in so doing we recognise there are other stakeholders to consider – our employees, our customers, our suppliers and the communities in which we operate. We believe that we will only be able to do this if we have regard to the long-term sustainability of what we do and by behaving in a safe and responsible way and upholding the highest standards of business ethics in all we do.

Bedfordview, (0)10 001 0730

Company Values

• 125 years in Africa
• Long term partnerships
• Strategically located
• Extensive footprint in Southern Africa
• Critical support to customers in a wide range of sectors
• Competent in highly regulated environments
• Experienced management team
• Local expertise
• Leading market positions and brands
• Safety and quality a priority