Introducing you to Bidvest Panalpina Logistics, a proudly Bidvest company and a valued partner of the Panalpina Group. We provide end-to-end supply chain solutions that include ​air, ocean, warehousing, road transport and customs broking in all major industries.  We invite you to explore our services and industry solutions

The collaboration of our experience gained over the past century, scale and global reach enable us to design, implement and synchronise your cargo throughout the globe in the most efficient way. Click on our services and industry solutions for a seamless journey.

Our vision is to deliver supply chain solutions that advance the competitive edge of our clients. 11 570 6000

One BPL, One Strategy, One Result

Our Dream
To deliver supply chain solutions that advance the competitive edge of our clients 

Our Culture
Our Culture is established based on Our Vision and Values which distinguishes us from any other organisation. Our Culture orientates every decision employees make and position customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders’ interest to BPL.  Our Culture provides direction in the way that BPL vows to serve customers, engage with suppliers and other stakeholders, interact with colleagues, and uphold professional standards.

BPL Policies and Procedures, Business Principles, and Code of Conduct & Ethics help everyone at BPL to act in accordance with Our Vision and Values, and to comply with all relevant legislation and regulations. 

Our Values

Creating and sharing meaningful information in all our relations

Valuing oneself and others through considerate treatment and treat others as you would have them treat you

Growth and Development
Investing in our people, empowering them to optimise productivity and motivation

Taking ownership of all actions within our control by holding each other accountable for our choices and our performance

Saying and doing what we mean by maintaining the highest ethical standards in all of our actions

Positive attitude, fostering pride and celebrating our success

Deliver results by providing the highest level of service and support to all of our customers and shareholders

Appreciating everyday excellence and supporting BPL goals through positive reinforcement of desired behaviours and performance

Team Work
Working together and contributing in every event as One BPL

Honesty and Trust
Being truthful, sincere and direct in intentions and actions through transparency and sharing information