Bigen Africa is skilled in integrating the entire value chain of the infrastructure development process through in-house capabilities and strategic partnerships – from feasibility studies, through to project preparation, management and implementation to on-going asset management.

The Group believes that the success of any cost-effective and sustainable project starts with the effective integration of the four cornerstones of civil society and sustainable communities, namely; the social, institutional, financial, and physical elements of the project. The Group provides its clients with a complete solution to all facets of a project, based on, amongst others, its intimate understanding of the requirements of the public sector, private sector, and other stakeholders. (0)12 843 8700 26 052 8157 (0)51 447 0352
Cape (0)21 919 2508 (0)31 717 2572
East (0)43 748 6230 73932502 (0)53 831 2935 211372900 (0)18 386 2111
Port (0)41 373 4270 85 6290805


Year founded: 1971
Founder: Francois Swart
Employees: 533 



The Bigen Africa Group delivered a reasonably strong performance in a year that was characterised by a weakening economic environment and unforeseen isolated events. Strong cash flows, robust balance sheet, and a healthy forward pipeline of project work continue to support the Group’s focused business model. Bigen Africa’s financial stability is underpinned by a strong management team and resources to continue aggressive growth; strong accountability, risk management, and compliance; zero tolerance to theft; and operational efficiencies and cost control.

Subsidiaries: Bigen Africa Services (Pty) Ltd, Intatakusa Consulting (Pty) Ltd, Bigen Africa Project Investments (Pty) Ltd, Bigen Africa Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd, Bigen Africa Project Management (Pty) Ltd, PDV Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd, ZMS Management Services, Bigen Africa Consulting Consortium (Pty) Ltd, Bigen Africa Offshore Holdings, Bigen Africa Ghana Limited, Bigen Africa Services Zambia Limited, Bigen Africa Services Namibia (Pty) Ltd

Holding Company: Bigen Africa Group Holdings

Industry Awards: Top 500 companies in South Africa, Top 500: Second in the Top Consulting Engineering companies, PMR Gold Award Structural Consulting Engineers Category, PMR Bronze Award in the Combined Civil and Structures Consulting Engineers Category, PMR Bronze Award in the Civil Consulting Engineers Category and Impumelelo Award for Top Empowerment Companies


Skills development is given high priority for all staff, where personal development plans are supplemented. This is achieved through in-house coaching and mentoring, technical lectures that are accredited by ECSA, talent pipeline programmes, a Bigen Bursary programme, Candidacy programme, and an in-service programme. Through focused Corporate Social Investment, we empower the communities in which we service.


Black empowerment level – shareholding (%): 5%-25%black shareholding
Black empowerment level – executive directors/senior management (%): 25.1%-50% black executive directors
Gender empowerment level – executive directors/senior management (%):  25.1%-50% female executive directors
Black empowerment – total staff (%):  25.1%-50% black staff
Gender empowerment – total staff (%): 25.1%-50% female staff
BEE contribution rating: Bigen Africa is a Level 3 BEE contributor.

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