Brimstone is a black controlled and managed investment company incorporated and domiciled in the Republic of South Africa, employing in excess of 3 400 employees in its subsidiaries and in excess of 24 000 in its associates and investments.

Brimstone seeks to achieve above average returns for its shareholders by investing in wealth creating businesses and entering into strategic alliances to which it contributes capital, innovative ideas, management expertise, impeccable empowerment credentials and a values driven corporate identity.
Cape 21 683 1444

Strategic Focus

Brimstone is well capitalised, has access to further capital and has the team and experience to pursue value enhancing transactions. Brimstone will maintain its long-term view on its underlying investments and will continue to focus on its preferred sector of food, healthcare and financial services while carefully considering additional sectors.

Dividend flow from existing investments and a relatively deleveraged balance sheet will allow Brimstone to execute on future opportunities. The Company has a solid track record of delivering shareholder value and making consistent distributions to shareholders. The management team is solid and appropriately incentivised and a more visible presence has been established in Johannesburg.

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