BYTES TECHNOLOGY GROUP is a leading IT company and a principal subordinate of the JSE-listed, Altron Group. We operate mainly within South Africa; however we do have operations in several other African countries and the United Kingdom. We are very proud of our LEVEL 2 B-BBEE Status which we have been able to maintain for the last 7 years.

Allied Technologies Limited (Altech), together with Bytes Technology Group form part of Altron TMT, the Telecommunications, Multi-media and Information Technology (TMT) organisation of Altron, the parent holding company. The rationale for the creation of the new division was based on a need to integrate the Altech and Bytes businesses through an alignment of assets, the removal of duplicated costs through a shared service model and to have a more focused approach to customers in order to take advantage of both cross and up selling opportunities. Altron TMT is a high-technology Telecommunications, Multi-media and Information Technology (TMT) solutions group focused on providing value-added products, services and solutions through the convergence of TMT, driven by market demand. As a part of Altron TMT, Bytes Technology Group offers a selection of services that support Information Technology in a wide range of different industries.

We have a dynamic leadership team, with Andrew Holden as CEO, that motivates and drives us to constantly innovate thus provide our customers with the best technology solutions and helping them to do great work.

Johannesburg+27 (11) 645 3600

Vision, Mission and Values

We strive to help our clients do great work through the limitless solutions we offer. Our goal is to be the best ICT provider in Africa. We want to be recognised by our employees, customers, shareholders and partners as being the best ICT Company to do business with. We consistently create and develop our own Intellectual Property in conjunction with our global partners and strive to make these our own within the markets we operate.


We strive to assist and enabling customers to do excellent work and facilitate growth by:

  • Leveraging the intellect of our empowered people to deliver optimised, cost-effective solutions
  • Exceeding expectations
  • Remaining true to our values
  • Developing key intellectual property
  • Adding value to all our stakeholders


As a part of Altron TMT, we are closely aligned in terms of the values we encourage within our group.


What is B-BBEE?
Black Economic Empowerment remains an important section of South Africa’s economic transformation. The objective of B-BBEE is to promote growth and economic empowerment to all.
Our B-BBEE Transformation
We at Bytes are proud of the transformation our country has undergone over the past few years. As our dedication to this transformation, we continue to not only support B-BBEE but make it an integral part of our business. We are committed to the broad-based B-BBEE transformation and believe in the power of diversity within the workforce and promote equal opportunities for all.
Bytes SA B-BBEE Accomplishments
South Africa’s most empowered ICT company in 2007
• We are proud to have scored at a BBBEE level 2 for each of the last 7 years.
• Our current overall score of 92.52 is a leader in the ICT sector.


Bytes Carbon Footprint
Bytes has appointed 16 Carbon Footprint Champions who will serve at each site where we produce carbon emissions.

The Champions have been appointed to assist the executive to drive the carbon reduction process and will have two main functions in addition to his / her normal duties.

Data collection and site emission database management
Each operating company will report yearly on carbon emission statistics and each Bytes carbon champion will report to the company Exco on site current and past emissions and global and group carbon trends. A total carbon emissions scorecard will be produced for the Bytes group.

Proposing carbon emission reductions
The site carbon champions will also evaluate site carbon emission history and propose yearly carbon emission targets per site.

In this regard global best practice and best practice in our industry and group will assist to determine what strategy is effective in driving carbon reductions.

The Carbon Champion will propose carbon reduction targets and reduction strategies to the company executive. The Carbon champions will also assist with the implementation of the strategy.