The Cape Town International Convention Centre Company (Convenco), the holding company of the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) was formed in 1999 through collaboration between the City of Cape Town, the provincial government of the Western Cape and the business sector. It is jointly owned by the City of Cape Town (67.8% shareholding), the Western Cape Government (25.3% shareholding), and SunWest International (Pty) Ltd (6.9% shareholding).

The primary objective behind the formation of the holding company was to deliver a world-class international convention centre in Cape Town that would provide meeting, convention and exhibition services and facilities for local and international organisations and their guests. It was envisaged by the Convenco co-founders that the CTICC would have a sustainable positive impact on the economic and social development of Cape Town, the Western Cape and South Africa as a whole.

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Vision and Values

We Dare to Dream

The CTICC’s vision is to become one of the world’s top 10 leading long-haul international convention centres by 2020. While this vision entails contributing significantly to the growth and revenue of tourism in South Africa, it is certainly not driven exclusively by commercial interests.

We will achieve this vision through earning a reputation as a truly inspirational business, for we strive to set the benchmark in the hospitality and event hosting industries as well as in successful international business practices.

Our Mission

Our objectives in realising this vision are:

  • Maximise economic spin-off and job creation
  • Focus on innovation and exceeding expectations
  • Achieve service excellence by building capable and quality staff
  • Become a world leader in sustainability initiatives

Our Values

Our vision drives us to uphold our core values.

These are founded on:

  • Passion ─ we live to go beyond
  • Integrity ─ we are transparent in everything we create
  • Innovation ─ our commitment gives us the edge
  • Excellence ─ we create a superior experience

The CTICC continues to foster a culture of creativity, teamwork, and superior service delivery.

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