About Engen Petroleum Limited

Engen is an oil company focusing on the downstream refined petroleum products market and related businesses.


Engen markets approximately 500 petrochemical products, many of which are manufactured in our three separate manufacturing plants.

All three plants – the Engen Refinery, Lubricating Oil Blend Plant (LOBP) and the Zenex Blend Plant – are located in the industrial areas of South Durban in South Africa.

Engen’s manufacturing plants – Refinery (LS 0500), Lubricating Oil Blend Plant (LS 0462) and Zenex Blend Plant (LS 0628) – are all ISO 9001 Quality Management System certified. This is because we are firmly committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers by maintaining excellence and reliability in every product we produce.

The Engen Refinery (EM 140466) and Lubricating Oil Blend Plant (EM 140446) are all ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certified.


Security of supply lies at the heart of Engen’s distribution network. That is why we continually seek new efficiencies and innovations in our supply chain.

We operate an extensive network of storage facilities spread across southern Africa and Mauritius. These are serviced by road, ship and pipeline, ensuring that our customers always have product to power their vehicles and lubricants to keep their vehicles and machinery running efficiently.

All of Engen’s storage facilities adhere to strict Health, Safety, Environment and Quality standards to safeguard our long-term growth and sustainability. Our staff at these facilities, and the environment surrounding them, enjoy constant focus within our HSEQ practices and principles. Thanks to our association with PETRONAS, Engen has standardises all group operations around a vast collection of world-class standards and guidelines governing our HSEQ practices, in order to reduce operational risks and ensure best practices.


The downstream marketing of petrochemical products and related convenience services lies at the very core of the Engen business. This is why we place our customers at the forefront of everything we do and why we operate on a brand philosophy of what matters to you, matter to us.We operate approximately 1,500 service stations across Sub Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. Mindful that every experience matters to our customers, every one of our sites can be relied on to deliver quality grades of gasoline to motorists on modern, user-friendly forecourts. Where applicable we offer associated convenience services and partner with leading fast food and convenience brands.

In the business-to-business space we realise that relationships, solutions and reliability matter to our customers.

This is why we view every one of our customers as business partners and seek to build mutually beneficial relationships based on a win-win philosophy. Agriculture, aviation, construction fleet, food, mining, marine, paint, packaging, and plastics and are just some of the myriad of industries which we service.

In order to deliver on our brand promise of ‘With us you are Number One’, we operate a Customer Service Centre dedicated to anticipating our customer’s demands and planning the manufacturing and delivery of our products across Sub Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.

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