The Group

Metair is a publicly-owned company listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. From its headquarters in Johannesburg the group manages an international portfolio of companies that manufacture, distribute and retail products for energy storage and automotive components.

Metair was formed in 1948, becoming a supplier of automotive components to a single OEM in South Africa in 1964. As Metair has grown, our strategy has evolved to meet the challenges of competing in the global automotive industry. Today, Metair is a truly international company with multiple OEM customers around the world, a broad range of aftermarket and non-automotive products, operations in five countries and ambitions to grow into five continents within the next five years.

Automotive Components


What are automotive components?

Automotive components include original equipment (OE) components used in the assembly of new vehicles by OEMs, as well as spare parts and other products used in the automotive aftermarket. These automotive parts include brake pads, shock absorbers, lights, radiators and air conditioners. The group also produces generic aftermarket products for use in the increasing number of imported vehicles.

Company Details

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10 Anerley Road
Parktown, JHB, 2193

T: +27 11 646 3011

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