Motlekar Holdings is an African private equity enterprise headquartered in Johannesburg that focuses on strategic investments across a broad range of industries. It provides both product and service-driven solutions for its clients through successful operating brands. Strategically, Motlekar Holdings seeks to position itself as a leader in its selected industries and, in doing so, providing sustainable returns to shareholders.

Since its inception, the enterprise has been propelled by a two-pronged operating principle. The first is to uplift, reward and make colossal strides towards sustainable empowerment on a social, environmental and economic level. The second is to attract and retain talented, black employess and to channel these human resources to areas of the business where they can impact both communities and the business arena positively, thus embracing a shared vision for success.

While the company enjoys success with its underlying investments, the core driver of the organisation is to further black economic empowerment in a respectful and meaningful manner. The nimble and talented team works tirelessly to achieve the clearly defined empowerment milestones for every African on the continent. This approach to fair and equitable economic benefit is what knits the fabric of the organisation’s DNA. (0) 86 178 9111


 Year founded: 2004
Founding member: Faizal Motlekar
Employees: 35
Branches: 2
Trade Affiliations: South Africa Syria Business Council, Saudi Arabia South Africa Holding (SASAH), South Africa Malaysia Business Council
Memberships: Maputo Corridor Logistics Initiative (MCLI)
Strategic partnerships: Itec, Cyclocor, Group Five, Citrine, Work on Temp, Blue Group, Hi- Tek, Global Tailings Solutions, Tarman, Kilken Platinum, Motlekar Loss Control, Motprop, GDS-Tech, and Motlekar Cape


Shareholding: Greater than 50.1% black shareholding |
Executive Directors/Senior Management: Greater than 50.1% black executive directors

Chief Operating Officer: Andile Mkhosana
Chief Financial Officer: Yazeed Evans