About PPC Ltd

PPC is an iconic material and solutions provider of quality and consistent cement, aggregates, metallurgical-grade lime, burnt dolomite, limestone, ready-mix and fly ash. We also provide technical support to our customers. PPC’s story stretches back over 129 years to where we were first incorporated on the outskirts of Pretoria in 1892. As the first cement plant in South Africa, we have established ourselves as a resilient organisation by adapting to ever-changing economic, operating and political environments. This Sub-Saharan brand continues to grow beyond South African borders into Botswana, Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Ethiopia where our footmark extends. We are proud to be a leading provider of quality building materials and solutions to empower people to experience a better quality of life. Follow PPC on LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/company/ppc-africa, PPC Africa Twitter @PPC_Africa, like us on www.facebook.com/PPCAfricaLtd and visit us at www.ppc.africa

Contact: 0800 CEMENT (236 368)- SA only contactus@ppc.co.za