Premier Verification was established in 2009, achieving full SANAS accreditation in early 2010. The mission of the company is to specialise in providing BEE verification services to businesses committed to the transformation process. Since inception, Premier Verification has made great strides in the BEE verification industry – securing almost 300 verifications in a short 12-month period. This achievement is testimony to the excellent service, professionalism and quality that Premier Verification promises and delivers to its clients. Building on its excellent service delivery, Premier Verification’s vision is to become South Africa’s leading BEE verification agency.To make this vision possible, we have assembled a highly skilled team of verification analysts specialising in the different areas of the BEE codes and sector charters. The Premier team works together efficiently to provide clients with a holistic and thorough verification experience. Premier has implemented, in accordance with SANAS/DTI requirements, comprehensive procedures in performing verifications. These ensure that clients receive a prompt, impartial, thorough and consistent verification experience resulting in a fair and accurate score. SANAS recently accredited Premier as one of a handful of verification agencies that can perform ratings according to all of the gazetted sector charters. This in itself positions Premier as a market leader in terms of offering clients the full bouquet of BEE verification services. One of Premier Verification’s key drivers is to be actively involved in the transformation process in South Africa and its core foundation values are built on service delivery to its clients. Premier’s strategy is to ensure that the verification process is efficient and effortless for clients, thus encouraging businesses to commit to transformation and actively try to improve their BEE level year on year. Premier Verification believes verification agencies should be enablers – not barriers – to business and are committed to ensuring that clients see the company as a partner in their transformation. In an industry where service levels are questionable, Premier aims to be the first choice in BEE verification. Partner with Premier Verification and experience the difference! 626 7484


Year founded: 2009
Founding members: Matthew Kearns and Dean Mellows
Employees: Thembalami Bam, Anne Bouwer, Eunice Sithole and Kelly-Anne Kearns
Branches: Johannesburg
Memberships: Association of Black Verification Agencies (ABVA), South African National Accreditation System (SANAS)


Financial year end: February
Bank: First National Bank
Accountants: AR Drew
Current customer base: 314
Major accounts / key clients: Servest Holdings, Robert Walters SA, VW Hatfield, Sungard, Motheo Construction, S Keren Watch Group (Fossil Watches), BASF and Lenovo


Activity: B-BBEE verification agency
Products/services offered: Provider of B-BBEE Verification Services


CSI initiatives: Provider of beneficiary recognition certificates to non-profit organisations free of charge and free marketing


Black Empowerment Level: total staff: 40%
Gender Empowerment Level: total staff: 67%
BEE contribution level: Level 2 Contributor – AQ Rate

Fast Facts

  1. Founded in 2009
  2. Secured almost 300 verifications in a short 12-month period
  3. Offers clients a full bouquet of BEE verification services
  4. Aims to be actively involved in the transformation process in South Africa Empowerment (B-BBEE)
  5. Actively tries to improve the company BEE level each

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