Value Proposition

Primeserv Group Limited, founded by CEO Merrick Abel, is an investment holding company which has been listed on the JSE since 1998. The Group focuses on delivering human resources (HR) products, services and solutions through its operating pillar, Primeserv HR Services. This incorporates two main areas of specialisation: Human Capital Development – offering HR consulting, corporate and technical training, and accredited computer and business courses; Human Capital Outsourcing – providing flexible staffing services, permanent staff resourcing, HR and IR systems and logistics solutions and mega-project HR services and wage bureaus. The group’s operations are well represented throughout southern Africa. Primeserv’s IntHRgrate™ Model is Primeserv HR Services key market differentiator. It adopts a 360 degree approach, providing a comprehensive suite of market-leading HR products, services and solutions which can be implemented on a modular or integrated basis to unlock the entire HR process as a value driver in its clients’ businesses. Primeserv takes a three-fold approach to the provision of human capital solutions: offering temporary staffing solutions, skills development and consulting solutions. The Group has positioned its value offering at a level where a key contribution is in up-skilling and offering employment opportunities to those from historically disadvantaged backgrounds. The Group complies with the highest ethical and legislative standards in all aspects of its business and views the temporary employment services (TES) industry’s contribution and the skills development of workers as vital to the South African economy. The Group continues to focus on improving its B-BBEE credentials and is committed to ongoing transformation of the organisation. Primeserv was ranked number 17 in the authoritative Financial Mail/Empowerdex 2010 survey of Top Empowerment Companies. Primeserv is proud to be of service to South Africa’s leading public and private companies as well as parastatals and government enterprises. 691 8000


Year founded: 1997
Founding members: M Abel and listing consortium
Employees: 400 permanent with 10 000+ temporary staff
Branches: Nationwide
Trade affiliations: CAPES, BUSA, APSO, TETA, CETA, ETDP, Microsoft ITA Programme and Comp TIA
Memberships: Constructional & Engineering Association of SA (Labour Broking and Temporary Employment Services Division), Services SETA (Labour Recruitment Chamber), London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Road Freight Association, CAPES, CEA, MEIBC, NBCRFI, SEIFSA


Turnover: R665.3-million
Operating profit: R17.5-million
Net profit: R11.8-million
Financial year-end: 31 March
Approximate market share: <5%
Major subsidiaries: Primeserv ABC Recruitment, Primeserv Employee Solutions, Primeserv Corporate Solutions, Primeserv Denverdraft, Primeserv Staff Dynamix, Primeserv Training Primeserv Colleges stanford Computer & Business College
Holding company: Primeserv Group Limited
Bank: FirstRand Bank Limited, Investec Bank Limited
Accountants/Auditors: Charles Orbach & Co.
JSE listing & date: April 1998
Current customer base: ± 500 corporate clients


Training programmes: Health and safety and employee advancement for both permanent and contract employees
Empowerment initiatives: Group holds a 45 percent interest in black-owned company, Bathusi Staffing Services (Pty) Ltd, Group holds fully diluted interest of 38.8 percent in black-owned company, Empvest Outsourcing (Pty) Ltd. Investments by black shareholders in Primeserv Employee Solutions (Pty) Ltd, Primeserv ABC Recruitment (Pty) Ltd and Primeserv Corporate Solution (Pty) Ltd equalling 25.8 percent of the ordinary shares in each of the companies. Provides financial and professional support to the Siyakhula Trust and sponsors Nurturing Orphans of Aids for Humanity (NOAH).


BEE contribution level: The Group and its various subsidiaries have ratings from Level 2 to Level 6.


1. Founded in 1997.
2. 400 permanent staff with over 10 000 temporary staff.
3. Enjoys a turnover of R665.3-million.
4. Founded by CEO Merrick Abel, Primeserv is an investment holding company listed on the JSE since 1998.
5. Ranked number 22 in Financial Mail/Empowerdex 2011 Top Empowered Companies.