About PSG Group Limited

PSG is an investment holding company consisting of underlying investments that operate across a diverse range of industries including banking, education, financial services and food and related business, as well as early-stage investments in selected growth sectors. Our market capitalisation (net of treasury shares) is approximately R49bn, while we have influence over companies with a combined market capitalisation of approximately R170bn.


PSG subscribes to the notion that a great company can never be a burden on society. We contribute to the development and upliftment of South Africans by creating jobs and contributing financially by way of paying our taxes, donations and sponsorships. The group’s contribution to society through the payment of salaries, taxes and dividends amounted to approximately R17bn during the past financial year.

We also embrace the principle that companies should contribute additionally to the success of the country as a whole. The corporate social investment (“CSI”) section of the annual report deals with PSG’s CSI projects. It is by no means a comprehensive list, but illustrates our dedication to making South Africa a better place.

BEE remains integral to the continued success of our country. To date, we have created approximately R20bn in net value for thousands of broad-based BEE shareholders through various BEE transactions undertaken by us (e.g. Arch Equity, Thembeka Capital and Dipeo) and our underlying companies (e.g. Pioneer Foods and Capitec).

However – and here is the “catch” – the success of these BEE transactions can only be ascribed to the phenomenal success of our underlying investee companies


Physical Address
1st Floor, Ou Kollege,
35 Kerk Street, Stellenbosch, 7600;

Postal Address
PO Box 7403, Stellenbosch, 7599

Telephone +27 21 887 9602
Facsimile +27 21 887 9619

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