Sappi is a global leader in the manufacture of coated fine paper used in the production of glossy magazines, calendars, coffee-table books, catalogues and brochures and chemical cellulose used in the production of consumer and pharmaceutical products as well as fashionable clothing made from viscose fibre.

We are inspired to create, develop and market products that are sustainable and relevant to our customers. All of our products originate from a renewable resource – wood fibre. We have manufacturing operations in nine countries across Europe, North America and Southern Africa, as well as a joint venture operation in China. Sappi Trading, based in Hong Kong, operates a trading network for the international sales and distribution of the company’s products outside our three operational regions. We have customers in over 100 countries. In Southern Africa we also focus on plantation forestry and the manufacture of packaging, printing and writing paper and tissue.

As a responsible corporate citizen, we are guided by the principles of sustainable development (“meeting the needs of this generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”). Our products are not only measured on quality and service, but also on our commitment to sustainability, from procurement to production. In every region where we operate, we have strict policies underpinned by independent, internationally recognised forest products’ certification programmes such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI®) and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

In our production processes, we focus on reducing greenhouse gases and increasing our use of renewable energy. We do not bleach with elemental chlorine, we include pre-and post- consumer waste in many of our products, and we have launched product ranges that meet the needs of environmentally-conscious customers, including our Triple Green and Masuga ranges in South Africa. Sappi is listed on the JSE in South Africa and the NYSE in New York. (0)11 407 8111


Year founded:1936
Founding members: Union Corporation
Employees: 14 900
Branches: Manufacturing on four continents; in nine countries. Customers in over 100 countries
Trade affiliations: Paper, paper pulp and chemical cellulose
Strategic partnerships: JV in Jianxi Chenming Paper Co. in China


Operating profit: (excl special items) $404-million
Net profit: $232-million
Financial year-end: September
Holding company: Sappi Limited
Bank: Nedbank
Accountants: Deloitte
JSE listing and date: 1937
Foreign listing and date: NYSE
Current customer base: 100 countries worldwide


Empowerment initiatives: Project Grow – a tree-growing initiative with subsistence farmers
CSI initiatives: Protec; KwaDukuza and Umjindi Resource Centres; Arbor and Library Weeks


1. Listed on the JSE and the NYSE
Operating profit of $404-million to year end September
All products originate from a renewable resource of wood fibre
Manufacturing operations in nine countries across Europe, North America and Southern Africa
Joint venture with Jianxi Chenming Paper Co. in China

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