Savino Del Bene was founded by Savino Del Bene at the beginning of the 20th century, in Florence, Italy. By the late 1990s, Savino Del Bene was one of the Top 10 freight forwarding and logistics companies in the world, and in 2009 Strategic Logistical Alliance, Kobus and Juanita Maree’s business, became part of the group. The group now operates worldwide through 60 subsidiaries, operating in 37 countries, with 137 commercial offices, and over 2 600 employees. The group has since opened facilities in America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia and the Indian sub-continent.

Savino offers logistics solutions which result not only in an integrated supply chain, but a value chain solution. Savino assists clients with the effective reduction of operating costs, reducing risk, and the improving of efficiencies in terms of forwarding, logistics and warehousing by focusing on using information intelligently. Savino is proud of its world-class business intelligence platform and methodologies. The team of data analysts make use of the latest technologies to provide clients and business units with the necessary analysis, reporting and statistics.

This valuable information allows clients and internal business units to make important business decisions based on accurate data, sound analysis and facts. Savino Del Bene believes in delivering the highest level of service to its clients, the development and success of its business, and the tangible growth of its people. Savino endorses B-BBEE, the Codes of Good Practice, and is dedicated to developing its employees alongside the business. Intelligence Delivered is a brand declaration which reflects the company’s focus on being the ultimate information expert when it comes to logistics. Savino Del Bene uses knowledge to create benefits for its clients and in the process develops an entire value chain as opposed to simply operating a supply chain – that is Intelligence Delivered. (0)11 437 3000


Year founded: 1996
Founders: Kobus and Juanita Maree
Employees: 340
Branches: Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town


Turnover: R2.3-billion
Financial year-end: December
Holding company: Savino Del Bene Spa
Bank: Nedbank
Auditors: BDO


Awards: Logistics Achievers Awards 2010 – Silver, Logistics Achiever Awards 2000 – Gold, Top Performing Companies 2007

Training initiatives: Business for Empowerment Trust

Black Empowerment Level: executive directors/senior management: 11% /total staff: 57%
Empowerment rating: Level 5

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