SMEC South Africa

Leveraging its more than 70-year history of delivering nation-building infrastructure, SMEC South Africa provides technical expertise and advanced engineering services to resolve complex challenges within all areas of infrastructure, including roads, highways, rail, airports, urban, water and renewable energy markets. The company’s design leaders and specialist teams draw on exceptional expertise and experience delivering projects across a range of diverse environments, from some of South Africa’s most remote locations to some of the densest urban surroundings.

SMEC South Africa’s partnership with the Surbana Jurong Group provides a global talent pool of over 16 500 people across a network of 120 offices in over 40 countries. Collaborating closely with its parent and sister companies, SMEC South Africa develops, designs, supervises, operates and manages projects to help shape a sustainable future.

SMEC South Africa understands the value of relationships to ensure that it comprehensively addresses all requirements at each stage in a project’s development. By closely collaborating with its clients, contractors, subcontractors and asset operators, SMEC South Africa delivers commercially informed design thinking through local specialists who understand on-the-ground context and industry expectations.

SMEC South Africa is committed to adopting the national B-BBEE policies in all aspects of our business environment. As a Level 1 B-BBEE rated company, SMEC South Africa supports and actively promotes government’s objectives to enhance the economic participation of Black South Africans in the economy and commits itself to harnessing a culture of celebrating and leveraging diversity to create a fair, equitable, healthy and high performing organisation.

As a company that is passionate about true and tangible empowerment and forms strategic partnerships with companies that share the same transformation objectives, SMEC South Africa believes that the training and continual professional development of not only its people but its partners and clients’ employees, will ensure the sustainable and meaningful empowerment of previously disadvantaged individuals within the industry as a whole. 51 411 8700
Cape 21 417 2900 31 277 6600
East 43 721 1910 44 873 5029 11 369 0600 53 832 5150 12 481 3800
Port 41 363 6777 15 296 1138


Chief Executive Officer: Logashri Sewnarain
Marketing & Communications Manager: Kelly Lewis

BEE verification: Level 1 BEE

Black Empowerment:
• Shareholding: 81,75%
• Total staff: 57%
• Senior management: 5–25%

Gender Empowerment:
• Senior management: 5–25%
• Total staff: 39%

Year founded: 1947
Branches: 10
Subsidiaries: SOILLAB
Holding company: Surbana Jurong

SMEC South Africa