About Us

Wildlife Pharmaceuticals is a small manufacturing company, based in South Africa, which specialises in niche, small batch, and regulated medicines. Established in 1997, and borne from a passion to research, develop, manufacture and register products dedicated to the wildlife veterinarian, we conquered to deliver to this sector, tested products of the highest quality, to fulfil our vision for this sector, namely

“Conservation Excellence through Pharmaceutical Advancement.”

We offer clients the confidence of knowing that the products have been developed by a company that has in-field experience and the clinical back-up to deliver industry-leading results. Being actively involved in the wildlife management field gives us an edge in knowing what is necessary to develop and pursue, and what challenges to overcome before releasing newer and better products to the industry. Our field veterinarians are backed by a strong Clinical Research and Development Department, incorporating several wildlife veterinarians worldwide.

We are slowly spreading our attention to other fields where niche, small batch regulated medicines are required. Especially valuable to this expansion is our licence agreements to incorporate patented slow release technology for product administration. This has opened up wide possibilities to reduce the frequency of manipulations of animals with obvious benefits.

We serve the rest of the world excluding the Americas, and our sales and exports have grown to over 23 countries, with distribution agreements in place in Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, United Arab Emirates, and Zimbabwe. Both American continents are served by our sister companies, Wildlife Pharmaceuticals Inc., situated in Colorado USA, and Wildlife Pharmaceuticals Mexico, situated in Mexico City.

Having set up our company is several divisions, and having several MOU’s in place, we offer a wide range of services to our clients, including:

White Rivertarene@wildpharm.co.za0137512328https://www.wildpharm.net



Molecular Research

KoeGer Science

Kwalisa Sterile Filling

WPSA Research

WPSA Products

Technology Transfer


The transfer of knowledge is of critical importance to us. We collaborate with Wildlifevets.net in the following:

– Chemical Immobilization Courses

– Conservation Medicine Courses incorporating the One Health Concept


Social Responsibility is an integral part of our company philosophy and culture, and we have embarked on several projects:

– PhD Research Support Program

– Supporters of SATIB Conservation Trust

– Siyatutuka (Prospering) Farmers Community Project

– Study Support Programme to personnel

– Smaller sponsorships and support programs

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