Amasondo, a leader among South Africa’s black empowered fleet management companies, is Eqstra Fleet Management’s (EFM) empowerment entity and forms an integral part of the Eqstra group of companies.

In order to better meet the fleet management requirements of entities falling under the auspices of the Public Finances Management Act (PFMA), EFM felt it prudent to create a black-owned division that would satisfy the more stringent BEE requirements of this sector.

Additionally, it was also noted that there was a clear need for an empowered, sustainable fleet management company that would operate well beyond the lifespan of just a single contract.

To this end, EFM established Amasondo in 2003 with a 51% BEE shareholding and the company now boasts a number of key PFMA fleet management outsource contracts. As a fully standalone entity, with its own asset base, funding lines and management team, Amasondo heralds the Eqstra Group’s vision to continue with its strategy to truly drive Black Economic Empowerment in a sustainable manner. 458 7836

Our Values

Amasondo subscribes to the following values:

• Trust – We trust and support each other to be our best
Respect – We honour other people’s wants, needs, ideas, differences, beliefs, customs and heritage
Energy – We are driven to meet our goals and to change the way we do things; we are always learning and improving
Empowerment – We empower employees by promoting personal responsibility along with innovation and informed risk-taking
Pride – We take great satisfaction from achieving both our personal and company goals
Integrity – We always act with honesty and integrity and without ever compromising the truth
Commitment – We are committed to providing products and services that positively impact lives
Collaboration – We believe in working together to deliver the greatest value to our customers and partners
Sustainability – We are committed to the responsible use of fleet and infrastructure along with benefitting members of the communities we service.

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