About Us

We are a non – profit, mutual medical scheme registered with the Council of Medical Schemes. We have been providing quality healthcare to the lives of South Africans for over 52 years.

We owe our continued growth and success to our loyal members’. Bestmed is by members, for members and this philosophy is at the essence of our organisation. We are passionate about enhancing the quality of healthcare for our members’ and we take pride in our tailored Beat, Pace and Pulse plan options.

Pretoria (Head Office)service@bestmed.co.za086 000 2378http://bestmed.co.za
Cape Townservice@bestmed.co.za+27 (0)21 202 8804 | 0860 333 342http://bestmed.co.za
Durbanservice@bestmed.co.za+27 (0)31 279 5421http://bestmed.co.za
Port Elizabethservice@bestmed.co.za+27 (0)41 363 8921http://bestmed.co.za
Randfonteinservice@bestmed.co.za+27 (0)11 411 3090http://bestmed.co.za
Virginiaservice@bestmed.co.za+27 (0)57 212 4765http://bestmed.co.za
Welkomservice@bestmed.co.za+27 (0)87 357 4775http://bestmed.co.za
Nelspruitservice@bestmed.co.za+27 (0)13 101 0280http://bestmed.co.za

Our Values

A lot has changed in the last 52 years that we have been in operation. The one thing that we are proud to say has stayed the same is our four values that we live and breathe.

Mutual. We believe in a shared experience that includes our members. The spirit of partnership is inherent in everything we do. We invest in the community, put people before profit and we’re always accountable for our actions.

Seamless. We close the gaps, we never play the blame game, and we equip our staff with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of all our products, so that they in turn can provide a seamless service to our members.

Principled. Family values are at the heart of everything we do. Warmth, care, openness and loyalty are enshrined in our modus operandi. When we make a promise, we honour it. Above all, we always act in the best interests of all our members and their families!

Passionate. We are driven by a love of what we do. It gives us the energy to stay proactive, innovative, inspired and committed to exceeding our members’ expectations. We’re not just about making our members better, we are about making their lives better.

Our Vision

Bestmed shall be trusted as the scheme of first choice to access quality healthcare.

Our Mission

The mission of Bestmed is to operate a non-profit mutual medical scheme in terms of the Act, in a financially responsible manner, so as to give its members cover for their healthcare expenses by:

  • Using members’ contributions and other income effectively and wisely
  • Operating and administrating one or more benefit options and/or schemes
  • Striving for a balanced growth in membership
  • Rendering healthcare services
  • Negotiating with service providers for the supply of high quality, cost-effective services
  • Core Values of Strategic Decision Makers


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