We successfully recruit and select suitable candidates for every job specification by means of our thorough, in-depth knowledge of our clients’ needs and culture, as well as our candidates’ skills and previous work experience.
Our Executive and Permanent Divisions specialises in placing staff across the board, from senior executives to entry level employees.
Our Casuals Division are leaders in the management of temporary staffing and recruit for all categories, from employees for bulk projects to candidates who have to meet  personalised requirements.
Cozens Casuals are cost effective because our clients pay for productive hours only, relieving them of the burden of statutory returns, pay rolling and industrial relation.
We also consult on specialised contract needs.
We assist companies with change management, including take-overs, migration of staff, retrenchments and other changes in company structure. As an external service provider, COZENS has the added benefit of complete objectivity during difficult transition period.
We offer customised pay-rolling solutions to our clients, which can be extended to full outsourcing of their payroll divisions, leaving them more time to focus on their core business functions.
Johannesburgmarketing@cozens.co.za(011) 442-4503http://www.cozens.co.za/

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