The Workforce Group is a large diversified group of companies offering an extensive range of integrated employer-centric, value-adding human resources management solutions. To serve a broad range of industries, an extensive branch network, currently comprising 147 branches, spans the country’s province, and neighbour Mozambique. Our operating structure is made up of five segments, including staffing and recruitment, process outsourcing, training and consulting, employee health management, and financial and lifestyle products. Within each segment, the group’s services are delivered through multiple brands in the market place, each of which targets a specific market/industry.

Integrating the services of each of the closely aligned specialist business units enables the group to add value to all aspects of the human resources management matric across a broad range of industries. The extensive range of solutions offered by the group’s specialist business units, enable our clients to focus on their core business without spending important management time on onerous administrative and legislative compliance burdens. The group continues to play an important role in skills development of the youth and job creation, particularly at grass-roots level, where first-time job seekers use temporary assignments as an entry into the job market and improve their employability as a result of on-the-job training and skills development provided. 532 0000


Year founded: 1972
Founding member: Mr RS Katz
Employees: 977 (permanent) 25 533 (temporary)
Branches: 147
Trade affiliations: CAPES
Current customer base: 3 400
Your company’s top brands: Workforce Staffing, Training Force, Babereki Employee Support Services, Programmed Process Outsourcing, Fempower, ONLY the BEST, Teleresources, Allmed Medical Professionals
New products: Essential Employee Benefits


Turnover: R1.7 billion
Operating profit: R20 710
Net profit: R7 604 961
Financial year-end: December 2013
Direct subsidiaries: Babereki Employee Support Services, Training Force, Workforce Software, Workforce Worldwide Staffing, Workforce Healthcare (50 percent)
Holding company: Workforce Holdings Limited
Bank: ABSA
Auditors: Howarth Leveton Boner
JSE listing and date: November 2006 


Description of activity: Staffing, Recruitment & Human Resources Management
Products/services offered: Staffing and recruitment; financial and lifestyle products; training and consulting; employee health management; and process outsourcing


Industrial standards: CAPES and APSO certification
Environmental health & safety standards: Manages processes, materials, and people to reduce environmental impact of operations.


Training programmes: Learnerships, skills programmes, apprenticeships, internships Employee incentive schemes: Share Appreciation Rights Scheme
Empowerment initiatives: Management-in-training and directors-in-training programmes
CSI initiatives: Direct donations, project  support and sponsoring of and participating in fundraising events.


Black empowerment level – shareholding  (%): 5%-25% black shareholding
Black empowerment level – non-executive directors (%): 25.1%-50% black shareholding
Black empowerment level – total staff (%): >50.1% black shareholding
Empowerment rating: Level 3 

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