About Fidelity ADT Security (Pty) Ltd

At the heart of everything we do is the commitment to be Always There for you, whether it’s responding to an alarm or an email. Our portfolio of security services includes high-tech security systems, 24-hour monitoring and Armed Response, as well as professional guarding and management.

With Fidelity ADT protecting your home or business, you can rest assured knowing your security is taken care of.


At the end of the day, it’s our people who keep you safe, not our company. So we scrutinise every one of our team members to ensure they’re not only the best fit, but at their best when you need them to be. This means that when an emergency arises, you’re getting the best quality candidate responding to your need.

Every Fidelity ADT team member undergoes a strict recruitment and selection process to ensure only the best candidate is chosen. They then undergo at least two security clearance checks as well as a certified psychoanalysis test prior to being offered a job.

Once employed, all candidates undergo rigorous training, which is maintained throughout their time with us. Our Armed Response Officers are all professionally trained in firearms, crime scene management and basic medical first aid, equipping them to serve you in any situation that may arise.


For over 150 years Fidelity ADT has been responding to the needs of its clients. Way back in 1874 the American District Telegraph Company, A-D-T was formed through the amalgamation of several small telegraph delivery companies.

In the beginning, Fidelity ADT messengers would collect and deliver telegraphs from clients’ homes or businesses. As technology progressed, clients could send an electric signal and a Fidelity ADT messenger would respond.

Though times have changed, the essence of our business hasn’t. When a client is in need, a signal is sent and we respond. Our history of protecting and providing security spans over 100 years to the very beginnings of the private security industry.

Today, Fidelity ADT Security provides fire and security services to thousands of households and businesses across South Africa’s diverse communities and to millions more across the world.

Our international footprint means every client gets access to the leading and latest technologies available, whilst our team of experts are drawn from the very communities in which they serve.


Ulwazi Business Park
505, 15th Road, Rantjespark

0860 100 911

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