Company Vision & Mission

To be the pre-eminent provider of integrated services protecting the assets of our clients in Southern Africa and targeted international markets, through the consistent achievement of excellence in every sphere of security provision and client service.

To ensure that the client remains the focus and center of our activities
• To differentiate through superior service which adds value but remains affordable
• To provide operational excellence
• To stay innovative in the application of technologies and solutions
• To continually invest in employing and developing quality personnel
• To remain the market leaders who lead by example


Fidelity Security Group.

The Power of Integration.

Fidelity Security Group is Southern Africa’s largest integrated security solutions provider and the industry leader in protection innovation. Excellence in service delivery and implementation are fundamental to our impressive track record. By keeping abreast of the latest trends and technological developments globally, and continuously evolving and innovating, the Group remains a front-runner in the security solutions market.

With 59 years of experience, the company’s strength lies in exceptional leadership, an unwavering commitment to excellent corporate governance, a comprehensive infrastructure and an aggressively proactive approach to staying at the forefront of the continually evolving security environment

Fidelity offers unmatched coverage, with a staff complement of approximately 47 000 professionals in 142 integrated points of presence throughout Southern Africa. This includes over 7000 armed guards. (0)11 763 9000


Year founded: 1957
Founding members: The Bartmann Family (started by Mick Bartmann (Snr)).
Employees: ±47 000 employees (Over 35 000 guards)
Branches: 142 integrated points of presence
Memberships: PSIRA



Financial year-end: February
Subsidiaries: 35
Bank: ABSA, Nedbank , FNB, Standard Bank
Auditors: PriceWaterhouseCoopers
Major accounts / key clients:

1. British American Tobacco
2. Cash Paymaster Services
3. SA Breweries
4. ABI
5. Albany Bakery
6. BP
8. FNB
9. American Express
10. Department of Justice
12. Clover SA


General Guarding Services
We provide customised security solutions to a broad base of clients in a range of industries. We deploy well trained and experienced personnel, supported by state-of-the-art technology.

Shopping Centre and Retail Security
We provide comprehensive protection measures to ensure the safety and security of all shoppers, shop owners and staff to maintain the centre as a venue of recreation, entertainment and good business.

Commercial and Industrial Security
Fidelity personnel are well trained in diverse and often unique environments to meet the tenant’s high expectations and the demanding needs of the public.

Gaming and Casino
Our services ensure a high level of safety and visibility without being obtrusive.
We deploy experienced and trained personnel with highly experienced and trained support staff.

Events and VIP Services
We operate to the highest standards with highly trained staff ensuring guests are treated courteously in a safe environment with a custom designed solution from inception to closure. From venues like Soccer City, Orlando Stadium and the Kings Park Stadium (Durban) to local and international music events and high profile VIP services, we will ensure minimum risk at all times. We comply strictly with all applicable Sport and Recreation legislation.

Ports and Airports
International entry and exit points have very strict and demanding security requirements to ensure the safety of local citizens and visitors. As well as providing specialist training for ports and airports, we have extensive expertise in providing integrated security solutions in this arena. Our services include, but are not limited to, baggage handling, searching and safeguarding aircraft and other vessels, vetting and identity control of travellers.

Oil and Gas Resources
Our specialised intelligence experts work hand in hand with industry specialists and technologists to ensure the ongoing safety of high risk plants, oil refineries and storage facilities, their staff as well as the communities in which they live. Health and safety, environmental risk management and advanced intelligence gathering remain key in optimising these services to our clients.

Healthcare and Education
We provide services to all patrons, patients, staff and learners in a secure environment by understanding the unique needs of our customers and the environments in which they operate.

Government and Public Agencies
Our experience in this field remains unmatched. We provide services to all spheres of government including national, provincial, local municipalities and city councils.

Banks and Financial Institutions
The multi-layered proactive approach combined with sophisticated high-end technology products and intelligence gathering make us uniquely placed to support this extremely high risk environment. Part of the solution to these markets and other corporate clients is our state-of-the-art 24×7 National Command Centre.

Residential and Golf Estates
Our all-encompassing solution ensures the safety of residents and visitors alike. Risk assessments are compiled with action plans on an ongoing basis to ensure an optimal and efficient solution supported by the most appropriate technology.

National Command Centre
The custom designed National Command Centre is the first of its kind in South Africa. From this nerve centre, state-of-the-art technology allows the hand-picked and highly specialised monitoring teams to coordinate any incident and keep track of all our specialised units across Southern Africa.

Secure transportation of cash using specialised vehicles, screened and trained personnel and purpose-built technology to transport, protect, count and reconcile cash to customer records.

Integrated Cash Solutions
Managing cash on behalf of financial institutions and retailers, including cash transportation, high-security cash centres, counting and reconciling cash, fitness sorting of notes for use in automated teller machines (ATM’s), counterfeit detection and removal, distribution of cash to bank branches, ATMs and retail customers.

ATM Management
Managing ATM’s on behalf of banks, retailers and independent ATM providers, including cash forecasting, cash transportation and reconciliation services, first-line maintenance and ATM engineering services. We also provide value-added cash recycling for selected customers.

Cash Solutions
Provision of systems and hardware which provide an automated cash office for retail sites to improve security and faster banking of cash, electronic audit trails of takings and a real-time view of retail cash balances through the Fidelity Cameos and Fidelity Agitec businesses. The Fidelity Agitec business also manufactures, distributes and services cash accepting, dispensing, recycling and processing equipment, as well as cash-in-transit related equipment under the CashMaster, Cameos, Moola and Tellersafe brand.

The vast range of services and products of cash-in-transit, cash processing and cash devices, allow Fidelity to provide clients with a fully integrated cash solution.

Parking Management Services
Parking is about people not cars. Our solutions and services support our client’s needs by providing integrity, skill and effective communication coupled with presentable staff supported by professional operations management.

Tactical Air Support Unit
The unit is manned by highly trained personnel and is controlled by the National Command Centre. Backup on the ground includes paramedics and highly trained dog units. These services are offered to our customers in all our areas of operations.

Specialised Services Unit
This proactive and highly adaptable unit has the expertise to tackle security breaches way beyond the normal scope of general security. Dedication of a different kind is demanded with skills ranging from military and SAPS background sourced from special intelligence units and special task force teams. A specialised industrial unrest unit is available on-call to our customers, as and when required.

 Mining Security
Our proactive approach backed by superior service ensures the safety of all on the mines including the miners underground. Officers are educated and skilled in mine safety, legislation, firearms, environmental laws and conflict resolution.

Financial Services
The micro-lending subsidiary provides loans to employees, on an unsecured basis and complies with the National Credit Act. The insurance investments, with Centrique, provides retrenchment, death insurance and legal protection to employees.



Training programmes: We have our own Training Centre called – The Fidelity Institute of Excellence
CSI initiatives:

  1. Fidelity Fondation
    a. Love Trust
    b. Nthuse Foundation
    c. Cancer Buddies
    d. Oliver’s House
    e. Sesego Foundation


Black Empowerment Level – shareholding (%):
>50.1% black shareholding
B 25.1%-50% black shareholding
C 5%-25% black shareholding

Gender Empowerment Level – shareholding (%):
>50.1% female shareholding
B 25.1%-50% female shareholding
C 5%-25% female shareholding

Black Empowerment Level – executive directors/senior management (%):
>50.1% black executive directors
B 25.1%-50% black executive directors
C 5%-25% black executive directors)

Gender empowerment level – executive directors/senior management (%):
>50.1% female executive directors
B 25.1%-50% female executive directors
C 5%-25% female executive directors

Black Empowerment – total staff (%):
>50.1% black staff
B 25.1%-50% black staff
C 5%-25% black staff

Gender empowerment – total staff (%):
>50.1% female staff
B 25.1%-50% female staff
C 5%-25% female staff

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Group CEO: WJ Bartmann
Group FD: VS Maharaj
Group COO: LMD Bartmann
Mpumalanga & North West Regional Executive: AAC Bartmann (Jnr)
KwaZulu-Natal Regional Executive: CJF Bartmann
Divisional Managing Executive – Cash Solutions: A Gibson
Northern Cape & Free State Regional Executive: M Jooste
Western Cape Regional Executive: FA Louw
Corporate Affairs Executive: N Ndwandwe
Eastern Cape Regional Executive: P Naidoo
Group Payroll Executive: D Schultz
Gauteng Regional Executive: Lorraine Bartmann
Group New Business Development Executive: MJ Stephens
Group Human Resources Executive: PF Zondo

Physical address: Fidelity Corporate Park, 104D Mimosa Street, Helderkruin, Roodeport, 1724
Postal address: Private Bag X5, Westgate 1734
Telephone: 011 763 9000
Fax: 011 768 5034
Facebook: Fidelity Security Group
Twitter: @Fidelity_Secure
LinkedIn: Fidelity Security Group
YouTube: Fidelity Security

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