Big Fry: Greg Solomon

The focus on small improvements in energy efficiency, client service, as well as the design and architecture of new restaurants is helping global restaurant chain McDonald’s South Africa to grow organically, says CEO, Greg Solomon – a man who has transformed the business through his coach-like leadership style.

Quick-fire Q&A with Greg Solomon

Q: Your biggest wish for South Africa?
That we start cultivating a winning culture.

Q: Books you’re currently reading?
I don’t read any books at the moment. Being a modern leader, I let digital streams like TEDTalk, LinkedIn and Twitter populate my news feeds with information that I’m interested in like sports, health and leadership.

Q: How do you relax?
I stay active by running, walking, going to the gym and spinning. I’m also a wildlife guy and I take my family to the Kruger National Park at least twice a year.

Q: Who or what inspires you?
I don’t have just one mentor, I have several. I study my mentors very carefully to build a mosaic of who I want to be, duplicating their strengths and eradicating the negatives. My mentors range from my friends, wife and kids, to Maggie – hostess at McDonald’s Woodmead. I also draw inspiration from leaders like Churchill and Madiba.

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