Adrian Gore shares his 5 pieces of advice for aspiring leaders

Discovery is a diversified and multinational financial services group, a global thought leader in wellness behavioural change and its integration with health, life and short-term insurance. Under Adrian Gore’s leadership, the company listed on the JSE in 1997 and has expanded into the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Europe, Japan and China. Income flows exceed R50-billion and over 12 000 employees globally serve ten million customers world-wide.

Here, Adrian shares his advice for aspiring young business starters.

1. It’s critical for your business to have a purpose – great organisations are those focused on helping to solve society’s problems.

2. Urgency is key – you have less time than you think to achieve what you need to. People wait around with unused potential because they overestimate how much time they have left. Time is short, and successful people know this.

3. Dreaming and setting goals is fundamental to success. It’s about more than a business plan – it is a vision about the legacy you want to leave, and clear goals to get there.

4. Attitude is essential – I keep relearning that positivity and optimism are the most powerful fuel of all.

5. Finally there’s honesty and integrity – without them you won’t build a sustainable business.