Trek Bikes: Émonda SL Launch with New Features and Models

Émonda SL improve on what is already the ultimate lightweight race bike with new features and models. Émonda’s fork now has internal cable routing to match the sleek routing found elsewhere on the frame. Also launching today, two all new models, the Émonda SL 5 Disc, and Émonda SL 6 Disc Pro.

Émonda’s fork now routes the hydraulic line internally for a super clean look. Best of all, there is a co-molded tube to allow for super easy cable routing. This new fork fits perfectly with the aesthetic of the rest of the frame. All Émonda Disc models get this new fork.

New models
Émonda SL 5 and SL 6 Disc Pro join the Émonda lineup for this year, adding disc brakes to two of our bestselling models. Émonda SL 5 Disc brings disc brakes to an entry-level carbon race bike. And Émonda SL 6 Disc adds carbon wheels to the equation.


Has anything changed with the frame?
No, both Émonda SLR and SL have the same frame as the previous model year.

What is different about the fork?
The fork has internal cable routing, and has switched the thru-axle to a roadie-snob approved NDS handle, but is otherwise identical.

Tell me about the SL 5 Disc?
It is our most value oriented Émonda Disc ever. We started with a carbon Émonda SL frameset, added a 105 hydraulic drivetrain, and finished it off with some wide TLR rims. You should be looking to replace the rim-brake Émonda SL 5 with this on your shop floor.

What about the SL 6 Disc Pro?
We took our best-selling Émonda SL 6 Disc, and added our Aeolus Pro 3 Disc wheels, for a race-ready setup. Carbon Émonda frameset, Ultegra hydraulic gruppo, carbon wheels. What more do you need?