Quick-fire Q&A with Jaco Gerrits

Jaco Gerrits is one of South Africa’s leading technology entrepreneurs. He founded Dynamus Technologies at the age of 22, a company that has researched, designed, developed and implemented multiple award-winning technology solutions across various industries over the last 16 years. Jaco believes that it is possible to do good while doing well – where enterprise and investment are used as powerful forces for good.

How would you describe your leadership style?
I firmly believe that you should create an environment in which your employees are able to excel, and therefore prefer a transformational leadership style. Helping group members fulfill their potential, by inspiring and playing a motivational role, assists greatly in achieving overall organisation goals.

Your top tip to beat procrastination?
Break bigger goals into smaller, actionable steps. Take the first step ASAP – you’re most likely to build momentum along the way.

Favourite getaway destination?
Cusco Peru, gateway to Machu Picchu

Who or what inspires you?
Those who fight for their dreams, to make a difference and have a meaningful impact on the world.

Your one wish for South Africa?
To come together as a nation and unlock the amazing power we have collectively.

If you could have any 3 people over for dinner, who would they be and what would you serve?
Elon Musk, the late Steve Jobs, and the late Nelson Mandela. I’m not the best of cooks, and also know Steve Jobs is a fussy eater, so might have to call in some external help!

What would you do with an extra hour in your day?
Spend time with family and self-improvement activities.