Lifestyle: Be transported to the tranquility of the bush

Indlovu Gin is a world first. This handcrafted, juniper-led, twice-infused, distilled gin is made from elephant dung. Yes, elephant dung!

In an increasingly crowded market, the key differentiator is that the botanicals used in this gin are selectively foraged by elephants, and extracted and cleansed from their dung for infusion. Under the guidance of leading gin master Roger Jorgensen, Les and Paula Ansley created Indlovu Gin – an innovative gin that incorporates the foraging habits of the world’s largest land animal. Indlovu means ‘elephant’ in several African languages.

The Savannah vegetation gives Indlovu Gin its uniquely wooded, earthy flavours. The gin is a crystal-clear golden colour, with aromas of juniper, citrus and grass and an element of earthiness. On the palate are a blend of flavours such as juniper, angelica, citrus with earthy undertones and spice from the elephants’ favourite foraged botanicals.

“Dark chocolate and coffee go very well with this gin.” – Paula Ansley

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